Guitar Care Tips & Tricks

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As promised, here’s the short video on some of the easiest things you can do to care for your guitar.

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24 Responses to Guitar Care Tips & Tricks

  1. Mike says:

    Jonathan, You need to cut to the chase alittle more.. quit rambling around

  2. John says:

    Mike just forgot to take his chill pill. You do just fine. Thanks for all you share.

  3. lthaxton says:


    • El Scottio de la Barrio says:

      yeah, I remember those too. kind of semi-cool oddity, said to have had a killer sustain due to the construction material. Never made it in the market, though. Sure you could score one on ebay or craigslist.

  4. Gregg Heckman says:

    I have purchased a number of videos on tips like this or learning how to play stuff and to be honest I think that alot of people go on and on waaay too much. You can lose interest waiting for a ten minute in depth and or just rambling on saying much of nothing that I will just shut it off. I’m just saying. Look at some of the comments on you tube. Just play it!!

  5. El Scottio de la Barrio says:

    Wow… Jonathan pops up on like EVERY OTHER SITE I pull up. If he gets only $10.00 from only 100,000 hits, from one site or another, that’s a million clams, dude. Hooray for internet commerce. The tips are good but I’d not recommend compresssed air, too much power. Go to radio shack or your guitar store and get a little spray can of electical contact cleaner; it cleans and also lubes those knobs a little bit. So, is Jonathan a million-dollar web site guy, or what?

  6. wassilij says:

    I´ve met so many folks that didn´t know how to care about their guitar – this is good information and, as a teacher, I know about how much does one have to explain something so simple.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  7. joe says:

    The subject of the e-mail I received said “guitar set-up tips. I saw nothing in this video about how to set a guitar up.It was all very minor maintenance wiping down.

  8. Jim says:

    Not much of a care video. Very basic. Thought you were going to show a bit of what is on your video, which I would figure would be set up, such as intonation, neck relief etc. Thought you would throw one of those in so I could see if I want to purchase. From this the answer is no. I do know how to clean a guitar, keep humidity around 42 to 48 % so this was not anything to make me buy.

  9. lawrence says:

    To all you guys complaining that he didn’t show enough – that’s what the video he is promoting is for. Thanks for the reminders, Jonathon.

  10. cosmas says:

    Hey guys thanks, i would like to learn how to solo but i dont know where to start from, can anyone help, i now know some chords thanks

  11. bill says:

    hey i bought a Ibenez acoustic way back in 1980 for a cheap $75 and have been doing everything that Jon said in the video — use a good set of Martin strings and the guitar sounds and plays like a $800 guitar so there is a lot of value to what he says—-thanx

  12. Linda says:

    Thanks for all the tips I’ve received from you

  13. Sam Hamilton says:

    Thank you, Jon. for the maintenance tips; so much appreciated. By the way, I have a Dean Exotica acoustic and would like to know what you think of the product.

  14. John says:

    I have a few of your videos, I like the way you teach. You are a great teacher and you make it very easy to understand. You are doing a great job, just keep it up. Thanks.

  15. ozzy says:

    To all of you that are complaining about Jon rambling, remember this….IT’S JON’S VIDEO…the man can say what and as much as he wants and you don’t HAVE to watch it. Stop sweating the small stuff and you just might learn alittle something. Good job, Jon. Take care, bro.

  16. I usually clean my two (@) guitars the same way and regularly.however Thanks for the tips, i’ll continue to monitor.

  17. curtis says:

    I was wondering after the video’s. How much more well I need to learn to keep my Guitars in tip top shape? I have a Samick RL-1 semi hollow body guitar. I just can’t get it right. I have took it to my local music shop. He said everything is great on it. And set it up for me. But still not right on high end. So I read as much as I could find on the old interweb about guitar set-ups. And did it myself. After a couple of times on other guitars, older ones. I did the RL-1, Not much better. I know how to set up a guitar. But if something is wrong I’m not that great at telling what
    need HELP Curtis

  18. Russell G Rebholz says:

    I am looking to your tips and suggestions. Thank you , Russ

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